BSides LV Memory x2


We’re having a little … discussion … over on the BSides group list, and Erin most appropriately started us off with the lovely memories.

Mostly so I don’t have to choke the thread with a 300K JPG, and also so it’s somewhere else, I post the picture here.

For context, here’re two of my favorite BSides memories, in this case about LV #2:

– Track #2, the “game house”, was over capacity and overheated from the jump on day one.  Jack managed to miracle a 3-ton unit literally overnight. (I’ve pulled some huge honkin’ rabbits out of my ass before, but Jack wins the prize for this.  He must have been bleeding for months.)

– Track #2, end of day one.  As speaker wrangler, I noticed the last talk of the day in that overheated and under-oxygenated room was a panel, and (IIRC) my contact for that panel was Leigh Honeywell. I went to her and started to ask, “Since y’all are a panel, do you need A/V, or can we just leave the doors open for that hour?”

I got as far as “do you…” in that sentence, and Leigh finished that sentence for me with the words “… want to run it by the pool?”

I blinked for a few seconds, and said, “Give me 15 minutes.”  Went to Vyrus and Jack, and damn if within 15 minutes Vyrus hadn’t redirected all the necessary A/V to the poolside – in particular, the beach. Jack got the video camera set up on the walkway in about that time, and off we went.

That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout.

But a picture’s worth 1000 words, as we know, so I’ll just STFU and leave you with this.