LinkedIn: Last Name Conceal, Account-Based. Swing And A Miss.

Dear LinkedIn:

I somewhat like the idea that you block viewing last names of third-degree contacts. It makes company-mining slightly more difficult, and is a cute way to upsell your account upgrades.

Trouble is, no one seems to have told the “Viewers of this profile also viewed…” widget, which goes right on ahead and blasts out the full names of those that viewers of a profile have also viewed.

Not that I care, really.  In fact, as regards myself, I honestly couldn’t care less.  If I didn’t want people to see my full name and title, I wouldn’t have a public profile on LinkedIn.

But, it does seem to defeat the purpose of blocking last names on the main page, when the widget – just a quick scroll down on the exact same page – totally undermines this effort.

(PS: thanks for leaving that bug in; it really does make data mining easier ; )

[Note: I’d like to put in screen shots, and will if I ever get around to creating a blank LinkedIn account.]