Surreal Stalker: A Snack

I’m looking over my writing notes, and hope to start posting more regularly.  Meantime, here’s something, just to keep the engine running:

I swear this is an actual transcript of a conversation I overheard one day.

I don’t remember where I was, who was talking, or what any of the circumstances were.  But this did happen and was, in context, serious. Make of it what you will:

“So yeah I was like talking to him over the weekend and while we were talking, y’know, my phone was on the counter, and he was like, ‘Hey, let me see your phone’ and I gave it to him and he said ‘Yeah, see? That light on your phone. That’s a phone tracker’ and it turns out it was my stalker’s dad trying to find out where I was. Which is weird, right? But that’s just my stalker, he does stuff like that all the time.”


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