Back Onstage

I got to sit in with the Laura Wiley quartet, with my good friend Doc Smith on Zendrum. Brother Hyp rolled through, and as an encore Laura graciously had him sit in …



I was on my way back to visit my family in the UK, and asked my sister what I could bring.  After a quick canvassing, the answer came back: my niece wanted me to record a piece to which she could study.

So, with great thanks to Hypno for having the percussion ready, and for his usual recording and mastering magic, we recorded the following in pretty much record time.  Enjoy!

Music, and Yongmudo


I was asked to choose the music for this video by the editor, but wound up liking her sample track so much I just re-recorded it.  It was a great dip in the water of my re-introduction to music.  Check it out.  (Oh, and I’ve got a few cameos in the video as well, of me getting suitably beaten up ; )



I am now going to wash my hands.  And probably my face.  And absolutely sterilize my microphone.

(Update: described by Vyrus as “Nerdcore Justin Timberlake.”)

(Update 2: Nominated for a pwnie award at Black Hat 2011, but lost to Geohot, which proves that there is still justice in the Universe. (Congratulations, cat.))

(At Ryan’s suggestion, the lyrics):

11 am, waking up, still morning
Gotta wake up, gotta get outside

Gotta get my first Hoffacino
Wi-fi tempting, target too easy
Day growin older, sun tryinna kill me
Gotta get my ass inside
Gotta hit twitter, gotta read my friends (talk shit)
Breakin in the front door
Slipping in the back door
Gotta make my mind up
Which door should i take?
It’s 0-day 0-day
Gotta get out my 0-day
Everybody’s puttin their guard on the wrong end, wrong end
0-day, RSA,
Every day, brand new way
H B Ga-ry
Getting’ out my name on slashdot
12:45, information highway
Typing’ so fast, my fingers fly
Host, boast, your servers are toast
Hackin’s never done
Dualcore got this so does vyrus
These cats all be tight
My man viss, he got this
Now you pwned, bitch (chorus)
Yesterday was no day, slow day
Today i-is 0-day, 0-day
You-you-you so stoopi’
Or under-resourced
Or maybe just a lazy bastard
Tomorrow is 1-day
Defenses come after-wards
I don’t want this 0-day to end
C-P, Vyrus double-oh-1,
Ridin with Savant 4-2 and Banasidhe
In the next whip, MCKT
Fast cracks, from the l0phtcrack,
From the Spacerogue’s time
Storms and TK and Jerm killin worms
Talkin ’bout Herman it’s Blue Boar’s turn
Jeremiah G all the time
Shout out to DC 949
And word to all my folks (not) in this rhyme